The NIRD™ series of devices will have utility in the following Markets:

Emergency Rooms and Clinics

Not all head injuries require an immediate CT scan, however, those that do require a CT must be identified early and given priority. Our devices will aid in the more effective use of CT scanners.

EMS and First Responders

At the scene of an accident, it is important to identify intra-cranial bleeds. Our devices provide objective detection methods to identify critical patients at the scene. Knowing that they must be transported to a hospital with a CT scanner will improve outcomes.


TBI is the signature injury of modern warfare. Knowing the severity of TBI in the field is important, and will help to ensure the rescuers are not exposed to unnecessary risks.

Seniors Homes

Falls are one of the leading causes of TBI – as a result, seniors have a much higher incidence of brain bleeds. Our devices would provide an added safeguard at site – they could save many lives, and at the same time, improve the quality of many others.


Participation in sport is supposed to be fun. Ensuring the safety of all who participate in sport is a top priority – accidents happen – a lot. Our devices will help to ensure the safety of all who participate, from recreational athletes to professional.

Other Markets

  • Schools
  • Construction Sites
  • Remote Regions
  • Heavy Industry
  • Ski Hills
Accident on the city road at night.
Silhouette of a surgeon during a real operation, illuminated by operating lights in the background. Medicine, technology, professional care concept.
Rescue Vehicles at the scene of an accident